We recently visited New Zealand's Waiheke Island to shoot this little ditty for our brand, it was intended to be a bit of a trial run but we think it turned out a little better than that.
The film stars Liam Steel and we would also like to thank Gemma Walcott who scripted and directed the shoot, Craig from 90 seconds who shot it and Dion Schmidt who did the final edit. Enjoy. T&D

The first in our series of people we love 'The Voice' is a short interview shot with Mikey Havoc. 

Mikey is one of the voices of my generation, loud, opinionated and awesome New Zealand needs more like Mikey Havoc. Havoc was kind enough to be the guinea pig for this series, we think he has set a pretty high bar for those who may follow - actually that just pretty much sums Mikey up in general. We hope you enjoy watching Havoc and please share.

Special thanks to Mikee Carpenter and Dion Schmidt for their skills, time and patience - and especially to Mikey Havoc for letting us have our way with him.