We pride ourselves on delivering products built from the pillars of ritual, character and fate. Each product is infused with bespoke Triumph & Disaster aromas, natural blends of complex notes that evoke old fashioned values from simpler times. We don't test on animals other than ourselves and we proudly utilise ingredients derived from nature but engineered with science, because we want to make clean, safe and efficient products that will make a difference.



Hitting the road with Liam

November 20, 2014

Forming one half of the dynamic duo who look after Triumph & Disaster’s New Zealand stores, Liam Steel is passionate about his role. Hitting the road with Liam it seems, on the face of it, that he spends his time just talking to women. There is more to it than that though.

How to stay cool this summer

November 07, 2014

As we migrate outdoors and embrace the sun it is easy to forget our skin might need a little time to adjust. Having been largely covered up all winter you can’t just thrust it into the light. If you rush it you might well end up looking like a clown who has just run a marathon. Red faced and sweaty is not a good look in anyone’s book. Here are a few tips to stay cool in the summer.

The art behind creating a unique fragrance

November 06, 2014

A while ago I asked my perfumer Phil if he would pen a few lines on creating fragrances. He sent me this. I'm glad Phil is my perfume guy...

Introducing our latest soap A+R

October 31, 2014

Whereas our Shearer’s Soap was designed for washing off a hard day’s work, our newly launched A+R soap is a more gentle experience. A+R is infused with an exotic blend of cedar, juniper, cypress and bergamot to deliver a bespoke T&D aroma that was inspired by a walk in Auckland’s ‘Whatipu bush’.