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September 03, 2014


Before you were the man he was - celebrate your father this Sunday

Triumph & Disaster On The Road Men's Gift SetBefore you were the man, he was..
But while your face may retain some flushes of youth, his is now carved by a life well lived, many the lines that crease his face no doubt caused by you and some of the grey hairs too.
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August 25, 2014

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Triumph and Disaster Face Scrub

To exfoliate or not to exfoliate?
This is the age-old question that guys ask each other around campfires and at the footy, up there with the god particle and who will win the FA cup. The truth of the matter is exfoliation is a no brainer. It’s essential if you want clean healthy skin, like bathing was to Queen Victoria, it's something you should practice once a week whether you need it or not.

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August 20, 2014


Winter Skin

Mens skincare face moisturiser

Get your skin ready for spring.
For those of us that have been hunkering down in the southern hemisphere, Spring, that time when nature throws off its wintery slumber and awakens, is just around the corner . It’s a time of rebirth and regeneration and that includes for us. 

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